GPH 320C Penning Gauge

GPH 320C Penning Gauge


The GPH-320C circuit is designed for years of trouble-free operation. There are no short-lived components to replace. The silicon rectifier assembly is rated for twice its normal operating voltage. The high-voltage regulated transformer is checked for freedom from corona. Conservative design throughout assures long trouble-free life, and close voltage regulation makes the GPH-320C insensitive to line voltage variations. The GPH-320C gauge is a single station gauge which indicates pressures on a three-range scale calibrated in units of dry air pressure. The basic gauge is available in 115VAC, 60 Hz.


  • Measures pressure from 10-3 to 1 X 10-7 Torr
  • Cabinet or half-rack mounting
  • Plug-in controller accessory
  • Automatic voltage regulation assures stability
  • Sturdy stainless steel sensing tube
  • Recorder output
  • Taut band meter suspension
  • Available in 115VAC, 60 Hz

Control Accessory

A solid state alarm or control circuit, GPH-010A, is available as an accessory. This circuit provides a set of relay contacts which can be preset (using a screwdriver adjustment on the rear panel) to open or close at any pressure throughout the range of the gauge. The trip point is independent of the position of the range selector switch. The control circuit plus into a connector on the printed circuit board inside of the gauge card and is easily installed on-site. Contacts for alarm or control functions (see specifications) are connected to a 3-pin plug which mounts on the real panel of the gauge.

GPH-320C Specifications

Width: 8.125″
Height: 6.5″
Depth: 6.25″
No. of stations: 1
Mounting Type:  cabinet (panel kit available)
Power input: 15W
Line voltage: 115 VAC, 60Hz
Scale range (Torr): 25 x 10-3 to 10-4; 1 x 10-4 to 10-5; 1 x 10-5 to 1 x 10-7
External circuit control accessory: GPH-010A
Ambient temperature range: 8º to 49ºC
Tube type: STD GPH-001A
Net weight: 15 lb.
Shipping weight: 30 lb.

Tube Specifications GPH 001A

Tube type: GPH-001A
Anode: Stainless Steel
Envelope: Stainless steel
Envelope: Length 5-7/16″
Envelope: O.D. 2-1/32″
Tubulation: Stainless steel
Flange Options: 1″ O.D. Stainless Steel Tubulation, KF25, KF40, CF35
Tubulation: O.D. 1″
Maximum bakeout temperature: 150ºC
Magnet Strength (measured midway between tube pole pieces): 1450 gauss
Magnet protection: Plastic coating

Control Accessory Specifications GPH-010A

Operating range: Entire pressure range of gauge (1 X 10-7 to 25 X 10-3 Torr). Plug in module provides normally open or normally closed SPDT relay contacts

Ordering Information

GPH-320C –  Penning, cold cathode ionization, single station, pressure scale in three ranges, 25 x 10-3 Torr through 1 X 10-8 Torr, cabinet model, with cable, 115V, 60 Hz. Without sensor – Part Number  282779
GPH-320C – As above, but complete with sensor ( GPH 001A with 1″ Tubulation mount) – Part Number 280460


Replacement Cable Assemblies
– 10′ cable for GPH-320C – Part Number 282394-1
– 15′ cable for GPH-320C – Part Number 282394-2
– 25′ cable for GPH-320C – Part Number 282394-3
– 50′ cable for GPH-320C – Part Number 282394-4
– 100′ cable for GPH-320C – Part Number 282394-5
GPH-010B – Control Accessory – Part Number  297830
– Sensor tube – Part Number  282396
– Replacement anode assembly – Part Number  282395
– O-ring seal for anode – Part Number  264091-5
GPH-001A Upgrade kit
With BNC high-voltage connector, new gauge tube, & instruction manual – Part Number  282852
– With BNC high-voltage connector, new anode assembly, & instruction manual – Part Number 282946
Adapter – BNC high voltage connector – Part Number 5508273

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