Repair Service

Myers provides emergency service visits, in house pump rebuilding, annual maintenance contracts and classes on operating vacuum systems. Myers on site service is available worldwide. In house service is available at our Rochester, New York and Kittanning, Pennsylvania facilities.

In-House Service

Myers provides pump repair for rotary mechanical pumps and diffusion pumps. Myers has quick access to replacement parts for most pump manufacturers. Most pump repairs can be completed in one to two weeks. Myers also has a large inventory of used/refurbished mechanical pumps for sell or lease.

On-Site Service

Myers has been servicing systems worldwide since 1986. This includes all of Asia, including China, Europe, Australia and North America. Myers specializes in equipment manufactured by former CVC Products. This includes specialized vacuum chambers, sputtering systems, and evaporators.

Sputtering is the use of ionized gas within a vacuum system which will remove material from a target {cathode} and deposits them onto a substrate. The CVC sputtering systems have model #’s 304, 601, 610, 611, 2800, SC-4000. These use a variety of options including Plasma Enhanced Deposition (PED), Diode Deposition, RF and DC Etch, RF and DC Bias, Ion Etch, etc.

The evaporation systems include: SC-3000, SC-4000, SC-4500, SC-5000, SC-6000, and the CVM series systems.

Evaporators are systems that either thermally or with an electron beam evaporate material in a vacuum system. The material is then deposited onto substrates.

Myers works on other manufacturers’ systems and can provide helium leak detect services for any vacuum chamber.

Annual Maintenance Contracts

This yearly contract assures the user of immediate attention if there is a problem. The contract provides technical support and scheduled maintenance visits and/or emergency visits. If the problem can not be solved by phone or fax and a visit is required, Myers will send a trained service engineer to assist in solving the problem. The contract also provides scheduled maintenance visits and/or emergency visits during the year. Along with technical support, Myers also offers spare parts for many systems. The most commonly used ones are kept in stock.

During the maintenance visit, the engineer will clean the system, clean or change o-rings as required, change the pump fluids and replace the cryo pump adsorber. Gauges and power supplies will be tuned for optimum performance. The entire system is inspected for items that show they are approaching end of life, allowing replacement parts to be purchased for installation during next maintenance. Training of new users can also be performed at this time.

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